Another mystery, another story: Vidya Balan is back with ‘Kahaani 2’

The first two posters of “Kahaani 2” had already piqued the interest of the audience, and the trailer of this Vidya Balan-starrer comes as a mysterious surprise. Surprise because if you have a detective brain you will get to a lot of conclusions after watching the trailer. 

The trailer begins with Vidya getting a call, with the person from the other end saying, “Agar Mili ko aakhiri baar zinda dekhna hai toh, is address pe abhi isi waqt…” On the way she meets with an accident and goes into coma. Sub. Inspector Inderjeet Singh is investigating the case who finds her diary, which has her story. But he gets to know that everything that’s written in her diary is not true, even her name. 

In the flashback you also get to see her version of the story, how she meets Mili, who she is and who is she protecting her from. All that and much more will be unveiled only when the movie releases. 

It is as mysterious as it can get and the end will be something you never expected, similar to the first part of the movie. 

“Kahaani 2” is a sequel to the 2012 mystery thriller “Kahaani”. Directed by Sujoy Ghosh, it also features Arjun Rampal. The movie will hit the screens on November 25. 

(Click here to watch the trailer.)

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