Here’s what Sarah Rafferty’s daughter has to say about Meghan Markle

Sarah Rafferty and Meghan Markle, who essay Donna Paulsen and Rachel Zane, respectively, on legal drama “Suits”, are not just BFFs on-screen, but they share the same bond off-screen too. And the former’s daughter, too, is all praise of the latter. 

Sarah’s daughter, Oona, made a card for Meghan which describes her name. She wrote: M for marvellous, E for exciting, G for great, H for happy, A for amazing and N for nice. 

The actress posted a photograph of the card on her Facebook page and wrote: Kids are the very best. Love having this in my trailer! Made by the sweet sweet daughter of Sarah Rafferty. Thanks for my daily pep talk, Oona #suits #suitors Suits. 

Now isn’t it awwdorable? 

Credit: Facebook