Thank you Riteish for ‘Thank God Bappa’, a strong message conveyed in an entertaining way

Days before Ganpati comes knocking on our doors, Riteish Deshmukh and his team has come up with a super awesome video titled “Thank God Bappa”. The video features the actor with guess who, Ganpati Bappa himself. 

Riteish posted the video on microblogging website Twitter and posted: Proudly presenting #ThankGodBappa @geneliad @starpravah @mfc

Produced by Genelia Deshmukh, the video has been directed by Kapil Sawant. The video features Riteish mouthing the words in Marathi. 

In the video, he says Bappa visits us every year and though we humans cheat on him every time, yet he smiles us at so cutely. Thank god Bappa is not like us, had he been like us he would said “nothing happens in 21 modaks these days” or if someone living in Andheri visits Ganpati of Lalbaug, Bappa will say “This falls under Andheri jurisdiction, please contact the Bappa in Andheri”. But instead he blesses everyone equally. 

Imagine Bappa giving us blessings in packages, like Ganpati & Shankar blessing combo in just Rs. 20000, or avail discount on group offerings. But he is not like us and doesn’t trade his blessings. 

A day after the immersion the sight is awful – the feet to which once people bowed at is lying somewhere, the hand which once blessed people is in another corner, the Bappa who once brought everyone together is now lying here and there in pieces. But he still visits us again with his cute smile. 

The message he wants to convey is that had Bappa been like us he would have stopped visiting us with the kind of treatment we give him after visarjan (immersion). But he still visits us every year with his cute smile. Bappa is not like us, all he wants is our happiness and thus he keeps visiting us. 

Thank god Bappa is not like us.